Bringing more accountability to your organization's service line block allocation is challenging. The process is often time-consuming and manual. Often there are “gentlemen's agreements” within service lines that are not transparent in the EHR, providing little accountability to follow through on the agreements and leading to high levels of cross-functional dissatisfaction. By restructuring the way your organization manages OR block time, you can increase accountability, transparency and access to operating rooms without compromising any service line requirements.

In this on-demand webinar, Drew and Utkarsh will dive into:

  • How service line block allocation is currently being misused across many organizations, but can be improved.
  • Why ‘intelligent’ accountability of block allocation is so important.
  • What to expect from an increase in service line accountability at your organization, based on our experience with hospitals across UCHealth, OhioHealth, New York Presbyterian, Multicare, Dignity, and many others.

Join us to discover how placing higher standards on the accountability of service line block allocation can optimize your most valuable resources.

Presented by:

DrewDomagalski    Utkarsh Vaidya
Drew Domagalski    Utkarsh Vaidya
Client Implementation Specialist
  Product Manager



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